Log Book Services

Having a logbook service performed on your car is the most responsible thing you can do for your car. In addition to avoiding warranty violations, logbook service insures that your car continues to run smoothly.

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Roadworthy Services

Whether you plan to sell your car; register a new car or renew an existing registration; or, in some cases, clear a defect notice, you need a Road Worthiness Certification – also called RWC, safety certificate, and certificate of inspection

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Car Service

If you are looking for proper car care without breaking the bank, then look no further. Brisbane Auto Shop does just that.A well maintained and regularly serviced vehicle drives reliably, saves money on fuel, maintains its market value, and yields maximum service life.

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Tyres & Wheel Services

Putting the right tyres on your vehicle is the difference maker in critical driving conditions and on-the-road emergency situations. Good tyres provide adequate friction with the road to allow for safe manoeuvrability through bends and corners and improved controllability so that you can make a quick stop when an emergency situation presents itself out of nowhere.

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Fleet Car Services

Don’t let a broken vehicle slow down your business. We understand that the cost associated with an impaired fleet vehicle is more than just the money paid to get it repaired. The bigger costs come in the form of missed opportunities; reduced productivity; and consequently, unhappy customers.

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Our Partners

If you’re seeking reasonable and affordable pricing, but also wanting quality products and services, look no further as we can guarantee you just that!